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Let me tell you a little bit about Angel. 

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Her Story

Angel Navarro is a devoted Christian, wife, and mother with a passion for hairdressing.


She graduated from Gold Rush Charter School in 2016 and immediately embarked on a journey into the beauty industry, driven by her desire to become a makeup artist. She attended the cosmetology program at Sonora High.

Upon completing cosmetology school, Angel delved into a discipleship program called CrossWalk, located in Mi-Wuk Village, California, an extension of Word of Life Fellowship Church. This program had a profound impact on deepening her love for God and His people.

Angel discovered a passion for community outreach and service. After gaining her cosmetology license, she offered her services to a local outreach program called Interfaith. There, she developed a heart for using her skills to help those in need by providing hair services to homeless or low-income families. This experience planted the seed for her motto: "Everyone deserves to feel and look their best." Inspired by her grandfather's in-home needs, Angelz Beauty became her new mission, and the desire to become a makeup artist became a faint memory.

As a new stylist, Angel's commitment to personal growth and service led her to explore new territories, culminating in a move from California to Alaska.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Angel is a creative soul with a love for music and various artistic endeavors. She finds joy in expressing herself through diverse forms of art and projects.

One of her greatest passions is mentoring and guiding younger adults and teens as they navigate the complexities of life and seek a path to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.


Despite challenges and experiences of being taken advantage of, Angel remains steadfast in her mission to help and love others.

A fun fact about Angel is that she doesn't drive. Both she and her mother, as well as her grandfather, have had dreams about her getting into fatal car accidents. Due to their strong belief in prophetic dreams, Angel decided not to drive, at least for the time being.

This decision speaks to her determination and resourcefulness, reflecting her belief that

where there is a will, there is a way.

Her decision not to drive underscores her commitment to safety and faith, and it serves as a testament to her resourcefulness and ability to overcome challenges.

Her husband has played a huge part in supporting Angel and her in home business. And even though it's not even close to where it can be he is a big part of why it has kept going. 

Although Angel considers herself young and acknowledges that her list of accomplishments is still growing, her heart for service and love for people shine through in everything she does. Her ultimate goal is to leave a positive impact on everyone she encounters, creating a safe and loving environment where people can experience God's love through her actions.

Angelz Beauty is just the beginning of the many ways Angel plans to reach out and touch lives. This venture represents her dedication to making a difference in people's lives through the beauty & wellness industry. Angel is committed to creating opportunities that uplift and inspire, ensuring that everyone feels valued and cared for. As Angelz Beauty grows, so will her efforts to expand her reach, continually finding new and meaningful ways to serve and connect with communities everywhere.

"Everyone deserves to feel and look their best!" -Angel


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