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Safety Measures

At Angelz Beauty, we understand that both clients and service providers face unique vulnerabilities. We have implemented measures to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone involved, providing peace of mind for both our clients and our Angelz.

As mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, here are the measures we take to ensure safety and comfort for all:

- Conducts background checks and thorough investigations of each provider to ensure legitimacy and a good reputation.
- Uses identifying merchandise, such as branded shirts, lanyards, and car decals, to ensure providers are easily recognizable.
- Requires service providers to identify themselves and verify the client's full name before entering the premises.
- Maintains a strict code of conduct and ethics agreement for all providers.
- Ensures all providers agree to safety precautions and guidelines to protect clients.
- Implements a system for clients to report any concerns or inappropriate behavior.
- Advises clients to have a family member or caregiver present if they are prone to falling or have other health concerns.
- Ensures providers have the right to audio record appointments for protection and accountability.
- Enforces a non-solicitation policy to protect both clients and providers from unauthorized contact outside the platform.
- Maintains a paper trail for accountability; any questionable behavior is investigated and reported immediately.
- Tracks specific times providers should spend on a service, recording this in the system to ensure timely and professional service.
- Monitors providers’ adherence to their schedules, with notifications sent if they miss an appointment for any reason.

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