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How it came to be

My name is Angel Navarro

I'm Angel, the owner and founder of Angelz Beauty, the first Angel. Angelz Beauty originally started in Tuolumne County, CA, around 2017. My grandfather, Roy Huckaby, was getting older and found it increasingly difficult to leave the house due to physical limitations and memory loss. Roy was the inspiration for Angelz Beauty. When I would do his hair at home, I couldn't help but wonder how many others could benefit from this service. In 2020, I moved from California to Alaska. Initially, I didn't plan on getting my hairstylist license here, fearing the potential obstacles I might face. Consequently, Angelz Beauty was put on hold. However, after 8 months, I couldn't resist. Despite the challenges, I obtained my hairstylist license in Alaska in October 2021. By December 2021, Angelz Beauty was back in business. Since then, the dream and vision have grown tremendously because I want this service to be available to as many people as possible. There aren't many who offer in-home services, and if they do, it's not exclusive to those who are homebound. Angelz Beauty is here to change that. Our mission is to spread awareness of the need and to get as many beauty and wellness professionals on board as possible.

Roy and his wife Jean
Roy and Angel on Roy's birthday
Roy and his granddaughter, Angel, at her 8th grade graduation
Roy Huckaby preaching in Pinecrest California

Process of Choosing Professionals 

Learn  how each Provider is carefully chosen to be a part of the Angelz Beauty team.

Getting a Haircut

Here's a detailed description of the hiring process for Angelz service providers:

  1. Agreeing to Terms and Conditions: Prospective Angelz service providers begin by agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth by Angelz Beauty. This includes understanding and accepting policies related to client interactions, professionalism, safety standards, and service quality.

  2. Identity Verification: To ensure the authenticity of service providers, Angelz Beauty requires them to undergo identity verification. This involves providing valid identification documents such as a driver's license or passport.

  3. Business Information Submission: Service providers are also required to submit relevant business information. This may include their business license, profession license, insurance details, and any other credentials necessary to practice as an independent contractor.

  4. Background Check: Angelz Beauty conducts background checks on all potential service providers. This process helps ensure the safety and security of clients by verifying that providers have a clean record and meet the company's standards for professionalism and ethical conduct.

  5. Research and Evaluation: Before being approved as an Angelz service provider, candidates undergo a thorough research and evaluation process. This includes assessing their qualifications, experience, reputation in the industry, and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

  6. Approval and Onboarding: Once a service provider successfully passes the verification, background check, and evaluation processes, they are approved to join the Angelz Beauty platform. 

  7. Continued Compliance: Angelz service providers are expected to maintain compliance with the company's policies, guidelines, and ethical standards throughout their engagement. This includes ongoing monitoring, periodic reviews, and opportunities for professional development and improvement.

By following these steps, Angelz Beauty ensures that its service providers are qualified, trustworthy, and committed to delivering exceptional beauty services while upholding the company's values and standards.

Disclaimer: Even though Angelz Beauty is thorough in its "hiring" process, Angelz are still their own business, and/or individual, Angelz Beauty is not responsible for how the Angelz  handle their business.  But if they do not uphold the reputation of Angelz Beauty it may lead to termination of contract.


Do you find yourself asking why you should sign up for Angelz Beauty?

Well here's just a few reasons... 


Enjoy professional beauty and wellness services in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for transportation or waiting at a salon. Being Elderly or Disabled we are aware that it takes a lot just to get out of bed and get dressed, not to mention the energy it takes to get out and get to a salon, get in, yes wait, get back up, sit in the chair, be uncomfortable, and then have to get back up and get back home.... it takes a lot! And your exhausted by the time you get home! No fun!!

Safety and Comfort:

Angelz Beauty  makes it a huge priority to make sure you are comfortable and feel safe. Angelz Beauty does a thorough check on each Service Provider to make sure they are legitimate. To learn more about the process click here.  We have certain safety measures to make sure you are safe which we go over in the terms and conditions. Angelz Beauty understands that inviting a stranger into your home can make you feel vulnerable and anxious. But Angelz Beauty does our absolute best to reassure you. Not only that you have the freedom to choose your own provider.  But the Angelz will always be local with a good reputation. 

Community, Compassion, and TLC 

Angelz Beauty we partner with Licensed Professionals who are devoted to give top-notch beauty and wellness treatments and are Angelz who are passionate about making you look and feel your best.  We are committed to providing a positive and uplifting experience.  You get to receive one-on-one attention tailored to your unique needs and preferences from skilled, licensed professionals.


At Angelz Beauty, we exclusively serve the elderly and disabled, ensuring that our time and resources are dedicated to those who need it most. Unlike many mobile beauty businesses that cater to everyone, including events like weddings and parties, we focus solely on bringing top-quality beauty services to you. You deserve to feel and look your best, just like everyone else! This exclusivity allows us to provide more personalized and attentive care, tailored specifically to your needs.

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